A family of agricultural tradition, at HEJUL we started growing olive trees in 1967. In our second generation, Julio Fernández gave a step beyond, taking responsibiity of the whole process, including production, bottling and sales, thus controlling the entire value chain from the olive grove to the table.


With the creation of our modern almazara, or oil mill, we can elaborate our most
selected premium HEJUL oil, being able to control each of the steps to obtain a
very high quality product, thanks to the most advanced processes and technologies.


All our fields are located around our almazara on the slopes of the Ocón Valley, between the Ebro Valley and the Sierra de la Hez, declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Giving these lands unique characteristics for the cultivation of olive trees, vines and cereals.


We take care and pamper our olive trees, as every member of the HEJUL family deserves. Thus, he thanks us by producing a fruit of high nutritional value, those olives, with which we elaborate our precious liquid gold.


Our fields offer us different varieties of olives. The largest plantation, “La Pasada”, with more than 6 hectares, gives us our most exquisite olives, with which we elaborate the Coupage oil, an oil composed of different native varieties such as Redondilla, Royuela and Machón. In “Parte los Huertos”, located between vineyards and orchards, we cultivate the Arbequina variety. In “El Calvario” located in the middle of the Mata mountain, we collect olives of the Picual variety, and in “La Manzanera”, place where the almazara is located, we cultivate the Arbequina variety.




Characterized by its strong personality. It has a persistent intensity and a large body. Deep green color with intense fruit flavour. It is dense in the palate, with an elegant bitterness and a lasting piquant hint in the aftertaste. It is very appreciated because of its high olic acid and polyphenols content.


Our 100% Arbequina oil is characterized for being harmonic, soft and with a certain sweetness, without losing a delicate bitterness and piquant aftertaste. On the nose, it is fruity and fresh with main aromas of almonds, being also possible to appreciate other fruits like apple.


The special nuances of the indigenous olive varieties give our coupage oil the unique character of an experience for our palate.




Aceites Hejul is part of the Master of Packaging for the Food and Wine Industry, developing new products and a new image by the students.

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We analyze the imminent beginning of the olive harvest, and we present our new website.

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Dubai Expositor


We returned from Dubai satisfied with the great reception that the Spanish product has in the Emirates.

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