Aceite de oliva virgen extra Hejul

Everything depends on the variety and quality of the olive, the moment of the harvesting, as well as the most “respectful” harvesting systems with the tree and the fruit. However, one of the most determining factors is the method with which we carry out the extraction.


The variety of the olive itself is not so decisive as the characteristics that it must have, together with the process by which it is extracted, so that its oil is of first quality; for this reason, properties must be taken into account: such as the degree of acidity (the higher the acidity, the lower the quality), compounds that affect its oxidation (peroxides and other indicators) …, and also the sensory qualities.


Our oil is the result of the use of various varieties that produce a high quality juice, whose extraction has been done with appropriate methods and at the time when the fruits are at their optimum point of ripeness. We recommend consuming the oil that comes from the most recent harvest, since it better preserves all its qualities.


Finally, to enjoy the best AOVE, one option is to choose products that are organically produced, sustainable and respectful of the environment, or conventional oils produced with excellence and quality. Regardless of the choice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil will always offer a multitude of nutrients and vitamins for our body.

When we think about health, it is very important to carefully evaluate not only the food, but the quality of it, in order to enjoy the advantages that intelligent nutrition brings to our health.


Among the different oils that exist in the world, olive oil is undoubtedly one of the best options, but it is our land, La Rioja, where thanks to the nourishing and generous lands, we can stand out with the autochthonous varieties, among which three main varieties stand out: Redondilla (autochthonous to La Rioja), Royuela and Arbequina (autochthonous Catalan variety but very extended throughout the north of Spain, with an important presence in our environment).

Our oils stand out for their multiple benefits and properties, among which we find a great number of components that help the organism to regenerate itself and to fight against the oxidative effects; it has been demonstrated through numerous studies that a regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil increases longevity and protects against cardiovascular diseases, different types of cancer or diabetes, but it must be emphasized that not all olive oils are the same.