The harvest of the olive is the most decisive moment in the production of the oil, we have to reduce to the maximum the time that passes from the harvest to its milling. For this reason, all our farms are located in an area very close to the oil mill, no more than 10 km from the furthest one.


Harvesting is done depending on the level of maturity of the fruit, this moment usually coincides with the end of October. It is there when the olive suffers a change of color, as much in the pulp as externally, announcing this way that it is going to produce an authentic juice to us with which to be able to enjoy its olfactory and gustatory attributes where we will find, aromas how; the tomato, the apple, the banana, the fig tree, the green wheat, the grass just cut, etc.


Also the harvesting is done in a very short period of time, since with the advance of the day in the harvesting, the olive is maturing quickly. We use different harvesting methods. In some cases it is automated with specific machinery, and in others the type of collection is semi-manual, since the demolition of the olive is made with a specific machinery whose function is to vibrate the trunk, so that the fruit is detached before and in greater quantity, helping this with the manual and so traditional beating, grouping them later in baskets for the later load in the trailers that will transport it quickly to the oil mill.