Hejul, best company from La Rioja

FIELD AWARDS AWARDS 2022,, 24th November 2022

mejor empresa riojana

Last Thursday, November 24, we received the award for Best Riojan Company. This award was given by the La Rioja newspaper, at a gala that took place in the Scientific and Technological building of the University of La Rioja. This award recognizes our incessant work of continuous improvement, to which is added our ambitious Oleoturism project. In the last year, there have been numerous visits interested in our Galilea Oil, driven by an eagerness to learn about our olive care techniques, and the production of Hejul Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Héctor and Rodrigo Fernandez, were in charge of collecting this award for our company. Hector recalled that it was his grandfather who planted some olive trees “without which we would not be here because the activity began with him.” He recalled the family history and ended with a nod to the jury “who took a long time to give us the award,” he joked. Now at Hejul, the best company in La Rioja, we feel the obligation to try harder every day to maintain the quality of our products.


The act was very exciting, since authorities and sponsors valued and emphasized the important and essential work of farmers and ranchers. The winners were; Alicia Fernández as an Entrepreneurial Woman, Ricardo Achútegui as a professional farmer, and Nicolás Morteruel received the Youth Award. As an institution, the CPAER received the award for best Food. As a final touch, a special prize was awarded to Emilio Barco, a former professor at the University, who felt enormously grateful for the recognition he received for his years as an agricultural contributor to the Diario.