First harvesting in family

Pioneering activity in Rioja Oil Tourism, 19th & 20th November 2022

foto grupal familias

On the weekend of November 19 & 20, we celebrate the first family collection days.
The activity began at 11 in the morning, at which time the 20 participants met at our facilities in Hejul, in Galilee. After receiving some notions about olive harvesting, the harvesting material was distributed, consisting of rakes, baskets and blankets, and headed for the arbequino olive trees of the La Manzanera farm.
Once in the olive trees, it was time to spread the blankets and begin to “comb” the olive tree to collect the olives. With the baskets full, it was time to move to the unloading area of ​​the mill, where the leaves and branches were separated, and the olives were washed. Then they were weighed, where 22 were the kilos obtained. Once the olives were crushed and turned into liquid gold, each participant filled their bottle with oil and placed their signed label.
After the hard work, it was time to replenish the batteries, with a fantastic lunch with km 0 products such as sausage, bread and wine.
This activity, whose youngest participant was only 11 months old, was very interesting for both children and adults, who enjoyed practicing collecting. Hejul continues in this way, contributing to the dissemination and disclosure of the benefits and virtues of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.